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Paragon Film Festival and Script Contest 

10250 Constellation Boulevard Suite 2320 PMB #29-3 

Los Angeles CA 90067 c/o Magwill Entertainment, LLC 

e-mail: paragonfest@gmail.com

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The Paragon Film Festival is open for filmmakers, fans, and pros who have fallen in love with indie movies. We’re sure that all of you would like to share your talents with fans and other professionals. All fans and professionals would like to find out the new stars of indie movie World.

The main value of the Festival is the opportunity for the filmmaker to instantly get in touch with spectators, colleagues, market professionals and fans to let the World know about you.

We select as many of the best indie movies as we can to let our submitters facilitate their ideas and assert themselves.

The Categories Awards, Audience, and Fan Awards let the best filmmakers get their taste of Glory!

The Audience Box. 50% of each bought ticket price will be forwarded to a filmmaker upon the ticket buyer’s vote at the event.

The Festival is a private invitation-only event with online access.

Only registered attendees can enter the Screening Room.

The festival official venue is: https://www.moviescreenpro.com



The 5th Edition Dates:

The Event Dates: October 18, 2019

The Notification Date: October 10th, 2019

The Last Deadline: September 20th, 2019


Best Feature Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Cartoon
Best Webisode
Best Short Film (50 min and shorter)
Best Student Film
Best Music Video

Best Dramatic Fiction

Best Art Movie

Best Social Film

Best Science Film

Best Educational Film

Best History / Bio Film

Best Health/Medicine Film

Best Environmental Film